November 14, 2022

A Roundup - IFS Financial Advice Conference 2022

This year’s IFS Financial Advice Conference on October 20 was held live in person for the first time in three years. It was by far the biggest audience ever, comprising IFS-licensed advisers, their leaders, fund executives and the IFSteam.

Adrian Gervasoni was excited to kick off the Conference and his opening words reminded us all of the role we play in effecting change in how our members think, feel and act towards their finances. There was a great energy and strong participation during the sessions led by Nicole Shoaei of Forethought, who helped us better understand our clients through persona-based segmentation, and Glenn Quinn and Glen Hancox of Bard Learning, whotook attendees through communication and engagement training to better interact with our clients. The session led by IFS’ Pam Reptis and Craig Sankey to break down the least loved IFS business rules, to removeunnecessary points of friction in the advice process, was very popular too.

IFS CEO, Csaba Baranyai, closed the day by reflecting on the highlights of the day's sessions, and called upon the industry to help take on the challenge that sees less than 30% of Australians ever receive financial advice. 

Making simple retirement advice affordable to all Australians, can only be achieved through the scale enabled by advice throughsuper. Consequently, we own the problem, and it's incumbent on us to fix it. Now is the time to come together and continue to help Australians retire betterthrough simple education, retirement advice and financial help

CsabaBaranyai, CEO, IFS

As always, the highlight of this year's Conference was the annual awards ceremony! A bigthanks to all our Advisers who have worked hard through the year to helpmembers retire with more security, confidence and dignity.

A special congratulations to all winners.

We believe your members deserve the best retirement. And that starts with financial education, advice and unpaid super recovery – so talk to us today.
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