A supported technology solution that delivers significant advice audit efficiency, whilst also providing insightful reporting capability.


Teaming up with Advice RegTech, an award-winning regulatory compliance technology company, we codeveloped SAMI, a software solution aimed at simplifying the tasks of auditing advice files and generating insightful reports for licensees. Our specialist team recognized the need for this tool, as SAMI is designed to seamlessly integrate with advice software and facilitate reporting at the individual adviser, team, and group levels.

This tool replaces inefficient and challenging-to-use spreadsheet-based models for reporting purposes. It improves efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency by automating solutions to streamline processes, save time, and reduce errors.

IFS is uniquely positioned as both a user and codevelopers of SAMI. Therefore, partnering with us will be highly beneficial as we will have a deeper understanding of your needs compared to a typical technology vendor.

What SAMI offers

Designed to reduce cost and ease compliance responsibilities for licensees, SAMI:

  • Helps you efficiently run an advice assurance team and drives greater consistency across an assurance team due to its ability to identify potential calibration issues.  
  • Provides insightful reporting that can precisely highlight whether audit issues are isolated to one planner, the team, or at a licensee level. 
  • Reduces wasted effort in remediation/ professional development training as the focus can be on issues that relate to the greatest number of advisers.
  • Is flexible – you can have your own question set, scoring system and configure different access levels. 
  • Offers complementary modules such as a licensee management system and breach and incident management system. 

SAMI’s Unique Advantage

The platform aims to solve:

  • The complexity in advice reviews while facilitating effective human oversight of subjective aspects.
  • Inefficiencies and time-consuming processes that are required to get through the increased demand to look at almost all advice reviews.
  • Tedious and complicated spreadsheet models, which are inefficient and problematic for generating reports and insights.

How does SAMI work

Step 1: Prepares

SAMI categorises and integrates

  • System of record for advice file reviews
  • Integrates with CRMs
  • Handles multiple advice documents, files and formats including .docx, .doc, PDFs

Step 2: Assesses

SAMI assists reviewers to assess with document highlights, scores and risks

  • SAMI categorises documents
  • Highlights sections, enables annotations & notes
  • Scoring triggers risk tags and reporting
  • Facilitates workflow and action tracking

Step 3: Verifies

Easy and enjoyable to use

  • SAMI is a compliance workbench and reporting solution designed to uplift efficiency, effectiveness and consistency

Step 4: Reports

Real-time reporting and efficient workflow

  • Real-time visibility of issues, trends, and insights
  • Pre-emptive risk monitoring and management
  • System of record for pre-vet, look-back reviews and remediation

To ensure our clients take advantage of the power of SAMI, we provide a comprehensive range of services to compliment the tool including software configuration, staff training, technology integration and facilitate custom development requests. Through your partnership with IFS, you will also gain access to our internal audit services.

Therefore, you will have the flexibility to either license the software or opt for our advisory audit service.

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