Employers and Unpaid Super

Have you received a letter from IFS about unpaid super? Here’s why – and what you can do next.

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Most employers don’t set out to avoid super payments. But mistakes can happen. Australian workers lose billions of dollars a year in unpaid super, and that’s money they won’t have in retirement.

If you receive a letter or call from Industry Fund Services (IFS) suggesting your super payments are in arrears, you may want to know why we are getting involved. IFS partners with super funds to help their members make the most of their retirement savings – and that includes recovering unpaid super.

You have employees who are members of one of those funds, and they may have missed out on some super they are entitled to.

Our goal is to help you understand your obligations as an employer, and where possible find a solution to make outstanding payments into your employee’s super fund. That may include payment plans to make arrears more manageable.

In most cases, we find this can be resolved fairly easily. Employers appreciate our expert help in ensuring their super contributions are up to date, especially if we can resolve the situation before their employees become concerned.

However, it’s important to remember that making super contributions is a legal requirement. If you do not meet the payments terms we agree, we will escalate the collection process.

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I didn’t realise I had used the wrong dates when submitting the payment. I feel terrible that our business is in arrears, thank you for helping me get it sorted.

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