Unpaid Super Recovery

Our highly specialised unpaid super team has experience working with all types of employers and sectors – from small businesses and franchisees to large companies.

Why us?

Most employers don’t set out to avoid super payments. That’s why we start from a place of empathy and understanding. Our goal is to help employers find a workable solution, and get their super payments back on track.

Our unpaid super services complement the ATO’s activity. Rather than impose employer penalties, we focus on recovering and maximising super repayments directly into member accounts. We take a proactive approach by acting at a fund and employer level – not individual taxpayer.

Let our experts handle the challenging conversations for you, while protecting the relationships you have with employers.

What we offer

Outsource to Australia’s leading experts in unpaid super management. Our proven processes and technology ensure seamless recovery.

We can take care of the entire process for you, or you can bring us in at any stage. Either way, you’ll have a dedicated account manager at IFS, with deep technical knowledge to identify opportunities and guide decision-making. And you’ll receive regular reports and have access to real-time data, helping you measure the difference you're making for your members.

Our unpaid super recovery services include the ability to identify overdue contributions, contact the employer and help them set up a payment plan, and issue a Letter of Demand if needed. We can also step in with legal services, preparing and monitoring a case through to completion. And if you have a specific unpaid super challenge, our team can take problems from solutions through to execution.

Our fee-for-service model is highly competitive because we share the same goal – to maximise returns and minimise costs for members.

Quotation mark

It’s a pleasure to work with the team at IFS Unpaid Super. They’re always supportive of our fund and work with us to deliver valued services that bring important benefits to our members.

Insolvency management

Protect your members’ interests in the event of their employer’s insolvency or liquidation. We will represent your fund in meetings with the administrator.
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Consulting services

Improve your program’s efficiency, increase the volume of unpaid super recovery, plug missing data gaps, or develop strategies to help employers. We have the skills, knowledge and technology to develop tailored programs or solve specific unpaid super issues.
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