We can tailor an advice offer to your members’ needs

A pioneer of ’fee for service, no commission’ financial advice, IFS’s advice services continue to develop new products and delivery channels to support funds in assisting their members to set and manage their financial goals. Our innovative processes and systems provide you with the flexibility to build a financial advice service offer that matches your fund strategy and is always in the best interest of your members. Whether you are looking for full licensing or simply back office support to better utilise your existing advice team, our advice services are flexible and scalable, and can respond as fund strategy, markets and demand for services change.

Tailor your advice offer

Support your advice team with our expert services

Key Benefits to Funds

Building a flexible and scalable advice offer with Industry Fund Services allows your fund to offer members more advice via multiple channels without a major demand for cost intensive tools such as staff and office locations:

  • License staff appropriately for your business model and control your costs
  • Streamline advice processes and speed up delivery to members while maintaining quality of advice.
  • Increase or reduce advice services as fund and members' needs change or expand.
  • Advice expertise available to assist you with the design and implementation of your advice model.