In this edition

Welcome to the August edition of IFS Update. A lot has certainly happened since our last newsletter.

While regulators are contemplating the separation of advice and product providers, the Productivity Commission is calling for more and better intra-fund advice. At IFS we’ve been turning our mind to the possibility of an enhanced model of intra fund advice, which, alongside digital advice could go a long way to delivering accessible, affordable advice to consumers at scale.

To address the proliferation of unintended multiple superannuation accounts, IFS is building an enhanced cross fund matching programme. This builds on the successes we shared in last edition, where we matched 108,000 accounts on behalf of nine funds. You can read more about this in the newsletter.

In this edition we’ll also take another brief look at Unpaid Super and what the working group has been up to, as well as an update on progress towards a new suite of digital advice tools.

As usual, I welcome your feedback or enquiries on any of the issues and initiatives featured here.

Cath Bowtell
IFS Chief Executive