Transition of administration arrangements

As advised in our letter to all IRIS members, IRIS is currently in the process of transitioning to a new administration system, which will see a number of enhancements to the administration of your IRIS pension account.

Transition to new administration system

In 2015, SuperPartners who have administered IRIS since its inception was bought by the Link Group, the largest provider of services in Australia’s superannuation fund administration industry. From the start of September 2016, IRIS will be administered by Australian Administration Services (AAS), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Link Group. As a result of this change in ownership, the administration of IRIS is being transferred to a new administration platform known as aaspire.

When will this be occurring?

The main transition of the fund’s administration systems is currently scheduled to take place during the period from late afternoon on Thursday 22nd September to Tuesday 27th September 2016.

What will this mean for you as an IRIS Member?

You may see some small improvements in respect of the day-to-day administration of your account, and there will also be enhancements to the IRIS member website. And, because of the transition to the new aaspire system, we are taking a precaution to make the end September pension payment earlier than usual.

End September pension payment will be made early

If you are due to receive a pension payment at the end of September 2016, your payment will be made one week earlier on or before the 23rd September 2016. No other pension payment dates will change.

IRIS Member Online

The member website will ‘look and feel’ a little bit different, but you will be able to do all the things you used to do on the current website. The new and improved IRIS Member Online features a more user-friendly look that will make it easier to find what you need, view your pension at a glance and manage your account via your mobile or tablet device if you wish to.

If you’re already a registered user of IRIS Member Online, you will be prompted to update your login information when you first login to the new website.

If you have any bookmarks set for IRIS Member Online, you will need to change your stored URL or set a new bookmark once the new site is available.

Online services outage

Some services, including the IRIS Member Online website, will not be available while the transition is occurring. During this period, you will not be able to login to manage your account online but you will still be able to obtain assistance or information about your account by calling the IRIS Customer Service Centre.

Updates about any additional service delays or outages affecting members during this period will be provided on the IRIS public website.

Postal address change

The IRIS postal address and the number to call, if phoning from overseas, will also be changing. Please note that the IRIS Customer Service Centre number for IRIS Members in Australia will not change. Contact details from 23rd September 2016 will be as follows:

  • New postal address: IRIS Administration, Locked Bag 5129, Parramatta NSW 2124
  • Phone numbers: 1300 367 485 (unchanged)
    +61 3 9067 2526 (If phoning from overseas)
  • Email:

In the meantime, you can continue to contact IRIS on the details shown on the Contact IRIS page.

Update to disclosure documents

In addition to the administration transfer, IRIS has issued a new Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement dated 1 September 2016. The changes have been summarised in the Significant Event Notice issued 1 September 2016, which

  • clarifies payment of benefits to reversionary beneficiaries;
  • advises you about IRIS’s new asset class; and
  • provides you with details of changes to fees and transaction costs.

More information?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions or call the IRIS Customer Service Centre on 1300 367 485.



Last updated on 23rd September 2016