Choosing your investment options

Before investing

It is important to understand a range of factors before deciding which investment option/s will best suit your personal objectives, financial situation and needs:

Investment options

IRIS offers you a range of ten investment options. You can choose one investment option or a combination of investment options, depending on your personal needs.

Read our Product Disclosure Statement for more information on each of the investment options.

IRIS Diversified Options IRIS Sector Specialist Options

These investment options invest across a range of asset classes to reduce the risk of the overall investment performing poorly.

If a particular asset class performs poorly, this may be offset by a strong performance in another asset class.

Diversifying your investments can help to reduce both risk and the volatility of investment.

These investment options predominantly invest in a single asset class, with a small portion invested in cash for liquidity purposes.

These investment options do not offer the same level of asset class diversification as the Diversified Options.

The Sector Specialist Options are designed to provide targeted exposure to specific asset classes.

  • Defensive Option
  • Conservative Option
  • Growth Option
  • High Growth Option
  • Cash Option
  • Diversified Fixed Interest Option
  • Property Option
  • Australian Shares Option
  • Sustainable Australian Shares Option
  • International Shares Option

Who manages your investments? 

IRIS uses Australian and International specialist investment managers to manage specific investment options or an allocated amount of money for an investment option.

This approach enables you to diversify your investment across a number of managers and investment styles.

Asset Class Investment Managers
Australian Shares IFM Investors Pty Ltd
Perpetual Investment Management Limited*
International Shares BlackRock Asset Management Australia Limited
Property Eureka Funds Management Limited
Vanguard Investments Australia Limited
Australian Fixed Interest BlackRock Asset Management Australia Limited
IFM Investors Pty Ltd
International Fixed Interest BlackRock Asset Management Australia Limited
Alternative Debt T Rowe Price
Cash* IFM Investors Pty Ltd
Members Equity Bank Pty Limited

* Cash is held on deposit with the National Australia Bank which acts as Custodian for the Fund. 


Last updated on 9th January 2018