Who runs IRIS?

IRIS is managed by a small, skilled and dedicated team of board members and executives who ensure that the fund is well managed while remaining focused on providing a low cost, flexible and tax effective retirement solution.

IRIS is run by the trustee company, Super Members Investments (SMI):

IFS provides the underlying key shared services to SMI such as compliance, communications and resource management.

SMI Directors

Linda Rubinstein

Paul Faure

Michael Migro

David Issa

Chloe Shorten 

Felicity Pantelidis


Executive Officers

Cath Bowtell
Chief Executive Officer

Ned Meehan
Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Rayner
Executive Manager - Legal, Governance & Insights
Company Secretary



Directors and Executive Officers who resigned during the current or previous financial year

David Vernon
Executive General Manager - Products
From 2012 to 2016

Robbie Campo
Director from 2014 to 2017

Andrew Steggall
Company Secretary from 2011 to 2017




Last updated on 8th November 2017