IRIS Retirement Income

Planning for your retirement

IRIS Retirement Income was created for those seeking to transition from the working phase of life to retirement.

While you are working you are receiving a regular wage and accumulating wealth through various forms of saving, including superannuation. Upon retirement you will still need regular income, so it is important to invest your retirement savings in a vehicle to suit your new lifestyle.

Why join IRIS?

  • A low cost retirement solution
  • A regular income in retirement
  • Concessionally taxed from preservation age up to your 60th birthday, while having the option to continue in the workforce
  • Investment choice
  • Access to professional investment managers
  • Tax-free income when you are age 60 or over
  • Tax-free access to your capital after age 60 and you have permanently retired
  • Possible favourable treatment under Centrelink/Department of Veterans' Affairs means tests, compared with other income-producing investments. This may improve your eligibility for the Age Pension

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Please note: IRIS is closed to new members from 1 July 2017. Learn More...

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Last updated on 15th January 2018