Digital Advice Solutions

Enhance your online member engagement & education

No one knows your member better than you do. IFS’ Digital Advice Solutions have been built recognising the fact that every fund has a different approach to the online engagement of their members.

Our online advice tools are designed to support your strategic objectives, be that deeper member engagement, member education, low-cost delivery of scaled advice on simple topics, or supplementing and supporting your member service and advice channels.

Our Digital Advice Solutions can be tailored to meet your objectives. Our ‘pick and pack’ delivery strategy allows funds to tailor their approach to fit seamlessly with their own strategy.

Three Tiers of Tools

Single issue digital advice tools producing a fully compliant Statement of Advice for key intrafund topics - the most effective way of turning an online visitor into an advice client.

General advice tools providing scenario building and rich member reports, this range of detailed tools offer a member the ability to learn financial terminology and explore the difference changing their situation now can make later.

Simple superannuation, savings and budget calculators, these are one click result tools designed to give a member a quick answer with minimal effort.



Last updated on 5th June 2017